Pridgen Funeral Services offered care above my expectations during an especially difficult time. While Ms. Tuawana came highly recommended, we made a connection immediately that put me at ease. Ms. Tuawana had a way of making me feel worry free. She assured me that I would get tired of her calling and texting. I can assure you that every form of communication was timely and needed. She was a wealth of information and took care of things out side of the scope of her services.

I can not express how pleased I was with my mom's body. I was not expecting the large volume of fluid from life support to be handled so expertly. I thought for sure, it would be closed casket. Ms. Tuawana did an exceptional job!

I have to praise Ms. Tuawana for how well the family of Pridgen Funeral Services assisted us the day of the funeral. The church service was beautiful and Ms. Tuawana helped to keep us organized and on-time for burial. All I can say is, "job well done". Thank you Ms. Tuawana for being there for my family. Blessings to you and the business.

Darleen Francis
August 15, 2019

I was looking for some per arrangements for myself , so I started to search the internet and came across Pridgen. I had some doubts but after meeting with the owner, I was very happy pleased with how you the staff treated me and how comfortable I was with there services. I also enjoyed talking with Mr. Smith. I had a great time talking with him about baseball, and we talked for at least and hour. Thank you staff at Pridgen Funeral Home for helping making this process very easy....

Arthur Price
April 6, 2019

On March 17, 2018 my beloved husband, Norman Monroe Tibbs was laid to rest. My Soror Tuawana Pridgen and her staff professionally took care of everything meticulously to give my honey 1st gentleman a grand send off. The compassion and empathy shown by her and her staff made the task of planning the services much more easy. The care with which they took of my husband's remains was as if he was one of their family members. There are no words that adequately express my gratitude for Pridgen's Funeral Home and I highly recommend them to one and all for when their time of need comes. Thank you beloved Soror and staff, you all are truly a blessing.

Elder Shirley A. Stewart-Tibbs
March 28, 2019

I really do appreciate working with this funeral home. Yes this is a business but the genuine love and care Ms. Tuawana had in helping our family send my great grandmother home elegantly and peaceful was nothing short of absolute perfection. She was wonderful and completely professional handling everything she did. I’m so greatful for them. I would recommend anyone with the desire for a elegant, perfectly planned funeral and genuine send off for their passing family member to come here. This could be a stressful time deal with some compassionate people to elevate some of that stress by using Pridgen Funeral Services.

Makiyia Gorham
February 9, 2019

I was referred to Pridgen Funeral Home by my aunt. My mom had just passed, and I needed to find a local funeral home that would prepare my mom's body for burial in Charlotte, NC. The professionalism and genuine care I (and my mother's remains) received from them is something I will never forget. Without the services of Pridgen Funeral Home, I do not know how I would have been able to deal with planning my mom's funeral. Yes, this is a business, but I did not feel like I was just another financial transaction when I utilized their services. From beginning to end, they assisted me with everything I needed; they provided much-needed guidance, additional resources, and lots of encouragement. They were understanding of my needs/wants and were very patient with me. I do not think I would have received that anywhere else. If I had to do it again, I pray I don't anytime soon, Pridgen will be the first and only funeral home I will choose.

Krystina B. Tucker
January 19, 2019

A brother of mine recommended Pridgen Funeral Home in Lanham, MD because of their handling of his mother-in-law's Homegoing Service. In my 20+ years of dealing with lost of loved ones in dealing with their setting up their services was never easy but when you come to Pridgen Funeral Home I guarantee you that you will be in great hands of professionalism and humility and compassion in planning of your loved one's services. After 4 years of caring for my brother, Andrew, his passing was a relief for our family knowing he decided 6-days prior to his passing how he wanted to discontinue life support and then to plan his Homegoing was a plan his son and I had to secure for his dad to receive the best funeral services to fulfill his wishes and standard of living. Andrew's son, my nephew, and I interviewed 2 other funeral homes prior to calling Pridgen and within an hour of our call we met with Tuawana Braxton, Director of Pridgen Funeral Home. When my nephew and I arrived to Pridgen Funeral Home I we were impressed with the decor and set a confident setting of professionalism for our 3rd meeting of the day. Planning with Tuawana 2-days prior to Andrew's passing made everything clear with pricing from the green casket which is Andrew's favorite color and car services and his program and other outside services were priced and easy to understand and given slowly without pressure or skipping details of inquiries my nephew and I had during our 1-hour meeting. Two days after our meeting I called Tuawana at 2:30 am and she answered my call with full attention to who I was and how she kept me calm with her expression of compassion for the lost of our loved one. The Pridgen Funeral Home Services were the best experience I've ever experienced. This is where I will have my services handled and you will be well pleased to be in the best hands for handling your loved one's services as well as your own service planning.

Candace Boone
January 14, 2019

My wife lost her Father in 2017 and the lost her Mother in 2018. They took care of all the funeral details and everything was perfect. They made us feel like family and not just like a client. Keep up the good work. The Johnson family

Freddie L. McCain
January 10, 2019

I was very happy that my family and I selected Pridgen to care for our deceased loved one.It was just by chance I saw this funeral home in my daily travels when they moved into the neighborhood,so I decided to call them when my aunt died.I can honestly say that I haven't regretted making that call.We found Tuawana to be very personable and competent and she was instrumental in ensuring the smooth transition of our late family member.She explained all our options and exercised patience while we came to grips with our loss and made our decisions.She has been placed in the service field where her expertise and compassion is beneficial to grieving families.Thank you for making our first personal experience with loss a pleasant and memorable one.

Carol Palmer-Locke
November 10, 2018

Tuawana, is AWESOME, losing our Mom was HARD!!!!!
Tuawana and her staff made our Mom (Lula Henson's) home going service Beautiful!!!
My Mom looked so peaceful and beautiful, looked like the angel she is. To top it off she smelled great.

Towana Williams, Donna Connley and Jacquline Greene
August 10, 2018

There are many funeral services to choose from in our area, God led me to an ad on our church bulletin: Pridgen Funeral Service, “Gentle as a feather…Strong in service.” Absolutely!! Mrs. Tuawana Pridgen gently cared for and guided our family through the most difficult week of our life with grace, professionalism, efficiency and love. There was nothing she would not do to lessen our burden, to comfort us and to provide the strong service we needed for the final earthly journey of our loved one, the Honorable William D. Missouri. She constantly reminded us, “I can do that for you.” The arrangements were impeccable. The professionalism of the entire staff was evident and appreciated. We received many compliments on Mrs. Pridgen and we highly recommend Pridgen Funeral Service when the sad, but necessary need arrives.

Delores E. Missouri
January 8, 2018

Pridgen Funeral Services was very professional and treated us like family. They handled the home going service for our mother with loving care, as if they knew her their entire lives. Tuawana, was so kind and professional and went above & beyond to give us the best service possible and she will always be considered as apart of our family. And we would recommend their services to everyone. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thomas, Karen, and Candy Scott
January 8, 2018

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